Data: The dos and don’ts of internationalisation

PROMOTIONAL RESEARCH done by Retail Week Driving innovation, embracing new tech platforms and speedier fulfilment are some of the characteristics defining international success, a new 30-retailer benchmarking report finds. Launched today, the International Retail Index 2019, produced by Loqate in partnership with Retail Week and Edge by Ascential, reveals how 30 retailers are cracking global trade and […]

What is the best way to share a blog post/content to get more traffic?

19 AnswersMelanie Tamble, Blogger, Author, Social Media Expert, Social Media Cross-Promotion For BlogsAnswered Apr 24 2019 · Author has 267 answers and 100.6k answer views Social media are powerful sources to reach out to your target audience and drive more traffic to your blog. Whenever you publish a new blog post, don’t just wait for people to find your post, but actively […]

How to make content viral!?

What is viral content?Let’s start with the basics. Viral content is content that spreads rapidly online through social and digital sharing. While there are varying degrees of virality, the most notable content is that which becomes globally recognized, transcending social and digital media, and moving into late night television, radio, coffee shops, family dinner discussions, […]